Geotechnical Testwork

Following the selection of 2 potential sites for the heap leach facility (“HLF”) in Wadi Um Salamat, approximately 3km west of Hamama West, a trial pit and associated testwork programme was designed by WAI. Pits were dug in the wadi sediments to depths of up to 6.2m using Aton’s onsite excavator, and logged and sampled by Aton’s technical team.

A testwork programme was designed by WAI with testing of samples undertaken by an ISO-credited laboratory in Cairo. The programme indicated the presence of a heterogeneous and poorly sorted superficial fluvial sedimentary unit consisting of weakly cemented, slightly silty sand, with much angular gravel and cobbles of rock fragments. Solid strata were only encountered in 2 of the 15 pits completed.

The results of the pitting and testing guided WAI in the preliminary design of the proposed HLF in Wadi Um Salamat, and indicated that the selected area is suitable for the construction of the proposed HLF.

Geotechnical trial pitting at Wadi Um Salamat, February 2018