Abu Marawat Deposit


In 1986 Minex, a wholly owned subsidiary of Greenwich Resources Plc., acquired the 5,000 km2 El Sid Concession, including the Abu Marawat propsect, from EGSMA (now EMRA). From 1987 to 1989, Minex conducted work on the Abu Marawat project, including rock sampling, percussion drilling, diamond drilling, geological mapping, geochemical sampling, and initial metallurgical testing of material from the CVZ and Fin zones, and compiled a small, preliminary resource estimate.

In 1995, Centamin’s subsidiary, Pharaoh Gold Mines (PGM), acquired the Abu Marawat property. From 1995 to 1997, PGM conducted cursory geological mapping, prospecting, and sampling programs.

In 2007, Aton negotiated a Concession Agreement that was finalized in March 2008 and enacted under law in September 2008. The Company constructed an exploration camp at Abu Marawat and conducted geological mapping, geochemical sampling, and geophysical surveying.

Aton drilled 81 diamond drill holes, for a total of 18,260 metres, at Abu Marawat and also excavated and sampled 18 trenches, for a total of 339 trench samples. This resource is based on 98 diamond drill holes for 19,573 metres. Nineteen (19) of these holes were drilled by Minex.